Government of America

The government of America, and not name similarity elsewhere, recognizes the planet and the house of mankind that have built their homes on our ark of life, naming it they have possibly always done. The recognition of creation, and the creation of mankind; has god ever referenced all that man or extra terrestrials of comparable intelligence create is good? And where we know the natural technology is acceptable, the houses of man kind now take more than resources, they appear to take energy from the planet, not just as fuels oil and gas, or metals to make craft, the "load of mankind" references more than the weight of their buildings or spinning wheels of vehicles, but also electricity use, and the danger their activity attracts from space,other men, or other territories.

Learning to interact and build among the Nations of Earth
(AU of the GoA)
Territories with Similiar Philosophy

Florida, Government of Florida, a land promised.
Work to deduce how to lead with a
Natural Rule

The weather changes and I wear a jacket, or not. I go inside when it rains, and maybe when it snows. It is hot or cold and i respond, and also for other stimulus; this is the government of Florida, and like the government of America. In this role I am learning to manage according to principles of a natural rule, and understand the other nations according to it. The reference to the government of other lands, is similair to natural rule, including that issue of moving about the land as a person. The Government of America is a reference to that government no man can refuse. The Government of Florida is similair to what is stated above; The United States of America, and the State Governments, the Native Governments, and the county Governments. There are thousands of Governments in America alleging control of swathes of land, and those of town and cities add more. This GoA, observes them all as competing references for control of the people on that area of land.

The Government of AmericA, GoA, is one territory we observe as piece of the GoA.

My personal belief is not a dependancy for word government initiative. The Oath to RULE of Natural Environment, at my perspectiove, is.

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